Friday Favorites

Here is our first collection of internet favorites from the past week:

– Goats impressively bouncing on a metal sheet. What’s not to love?

– A porcupine tastes his first pumpkin and can’t contain his excitement. Happy Halloween and you’re welcome.

– Apparently we’ve been doing recovery all wrong (although I’ve probably consumed enough wine since Ironman Maryland to fill a bathtub).

– During peak triathlon training there is no way I could stand all day, but I love the idea of keeping my hip flexors longer with a standing desk.

– I am in the process of finding a new triathlon coach so this quiz came out at the perfect time. Jon and I look for completely different things.

– I don’t need this jacket, but when it’s NorthFace, why not?

– One of my favorite professional triathletes, Jesse Thomas, answers all. His wife, Lauren Fleshman, is a kick butt athlete in her own right. Get your abs schooled by Lauren thanks to Runners World.

– ‘Slow runners make fast runners look good’ tank. I love this shop on Etsy. The ‘fight for it’ tank inspired me through many hard training sessions.

I love this Fight for It tank. #selfie
I love this Fight for It tank. #selfie

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