What We Eat // New Zealand Addition

We’re back from vacation and getting back to normal eating. In the meantime, we ate well in New Zealand! No recipes were used, but with the fresh local meats, fruits and veggies we could buy there not much was needed to create simple, delicious meals every night. We traveled the North and South islands in a camper van (posts coming on that soon!) so had a mini kitchen complete with gas burners and a fridge. Jon whipped up nightly delicacies centering on local meats (usually lamb or steak) with a veggie side and some couscous. It was incredible to taste the robust flavors of foods that were from the farm next door. We occasionally branched out and had honey and soy chicken kebabs and used leftover steak to make quesadillas and wraps.

Nightly pre dinner wine and cheese.
Nightly pre dinner wine and cheese.
Nightly appetizer set up.

Our breakfasts were typically some variation of an egg sandwich with the best bacon either one of us has ever tasted – strong flavor with very little fat from your neighborhood pig. And the bread! Whether we picked a loaf up from a grocery store, sidewalk bakery or random food stall in the middle of nowhere and all of the bread was to die for. No matter what type of loaf, the bread was a perfect combination of crunchy outside and soft inside with a clean and simple flavors. We used the bread for breakfasts, lunchtime sandwiches and everything in between.

OMG Breakfast Sandwiches.

We also enjoyed some of the best tangerines, oranges, and cheeses (all local of course). We even tried an ugli fruit. Our favorite cheese was a creamy goat that came across as a lighter brie. I need more of that cheese in my life. We rounded most meals out with a TimTam or two (or three). Sadly, TimTams are actually from Australia, but we couldn’t resist. I also made sure to pick up local desserts at local stops throughout our travels and most treats didn’t disappoint. We washed down our dinners with New Zealand wines and were happy campers! Literally.

That to die for cheese.
Alcoholic, delicious ginger beer in NZ.

We also stopped for meals out in Havelock, Wanaka and Christchurch. Jon tried the local green mussels in Havelock. We had an awesome Asian-flared pulled pork burger and meat pies in Wanaka (I wish I could eat that food every day), and enjoyed a handful of cocktails and meals out in Christchurch. Whatever you want to eat, New Zealand has it and nine times out of ten it’s from the neighborhood farm.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Last but not least, being out in the middle of nowhere allowed us to stop wherever we pleased for our meals. One afternoon we came over the mountains and around the corner to sights of a stunning blue bay. Time for lunch! The hardest part was picking which of many breathtaking spots to stop at each day.

Quick oceanside lunch.
Quick ocean side lunch.

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