Weekly What We Eat

In the post vacation, pre Thanksgiving world last week, we tried to keep things healthy. We had two wins in the recipe department and one loss.

The crock pot pulled pork chili we made didn’t turn out the way we’d hoped although Jon did say it got better 48 hours after cooking. The flavor seemed too vinegar-y / tomato-y for my liking so we won’t be making this one again which is too bad since we have about five pounds of it.

Not all chili is created equal.
Not all chili is created equal.

The not-so-great recipes pave the weight for awesomeness though and these kung pao meatballs are a new favorite. This recipe comes together easily and is bursting with flavor. We served these over some black rice and they were gone within two days. So much for those leftovers!

Making me hungry.


Jon said this soup was just as good as the few hundred other butternut squash soups that I’ve made (I guess I can’t help myself in the fall), but I loved the addition of lentils in this soup. That bonus of a super healthy protein made the soup just that much more filling. We served the soup with a crusty oven-warmed bread and our usual glass or two of pinot noir.

Perfect for cold evenings.
Perfect for cold evenings.

Thanksgiving was at Jon’s parent’s houses so we were responsible for contributing appetizers and a side dish. Another post to follow on Jon’s bacon-themed dishes that were a huge hit!



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