Weekly What We Eat

We survived the holidays and did some good eating along the way. We spent Christmas in California with Jaime’s Mom and brother and enjoyed all of the local favorites to include dungeness crab, artichoke soup and olallieberry pie from the institution that is Duarte’s, and award winning goat cheese from Harley Farms in Pescadero.

Fancy Lunch.
Nothing like Anchor Steam, artichoke-green chili soup (the ‘half and half’ in local speak) and pie for lunch!
Amazing olallieberry pie from Duarte’s.

We arrived back on the east coast a couple of days before new year’s just in time to host a low-key, but fancy dinner with Jon’s sister and her boyfriend. Jon roasted a rack of pork from our local butcher following Ad Hoc at Home’s recipe for pork arista. We also made some delicious sides and wrapped up the evening with a cheese plate.

Rack of Pork
Rack of pork ready for roasting.
Cheese Plate
End of evening cheese plate and games.

Once the new year was behind us, we were ready to get back on track with healthier eating patterns. Jon’s sister hooked us up with a Blue Apron coupon so we signed up for a week of their meals and were really impressed!

I didn’t start off excited because the recipes we received each contained collard greens or kale and I am not a fan of either, but all three recipes turned out to be big hits in our home.  We enjoyed the Southern Beef and Collard Green Stew, Chicken and Wild Mushroom Casserole and Pasta e Fagioli. The simplicity of having our meals planned out with pre-portioned cooking ingredients made cooking for the week a mostly mindless, but still enjoyable activity. We’ll definitely return to Blue Apron when Ironman training is in full swing and our available time for grocery shopping and cooking dwindles.

Southern Beef and Collard Green Stew
Stew of short rib, collard greens, carrot and parsley over cheddar cheese grits.
Chicken and Wild Mushroom Casserole
Jon’s favorite – a béchamel sauce with egg noodles, two types of mushrooms, kale and a delicious breadcrumb topping.

Now we’re back to cooking and eating as usual so more to come on the recipes we’re experimenting with this week.

Happy eating!





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