30 Rocked

My 30th year may just have been my best year yet! The years that I met Jon, that we got engaged and then married were obviously magical, but this past year things fell into place. There we still ups and downs, and maybe some of the biggest highs and lows in training for Ironman, but I wound up on top and feel really good about it. I have a wonderful marriage, the cutest dogs, a (mostly) healthy body and opportunities to tackle countless adventures with my best friend.

I feel settled and content, and that I’m progressing towards total self acceptance in whatever form that takes. I am owning up to what I want and what is important to me. Our trip to New Zealand helped solidify that life outside of the office is the priority for me. That was a hard realization to come to as I’ve always seen myself being a successful career woman no matter how many hours I was chained to a desk. Now that I am so fulfilled outside of work, I don’t want to pursue a career at the expense of my personal life. I don’t think it has to be either or, but I have decided to put the emphasis on what I do away from the office. I will still be a successful woman in the working world, but I will not be defined by my job; instead I will be defined by what I pursue outside of work – family (which include dogs!), athletic pursuits, travel, good eats and being a nice person. I have learned what is most important to me and pursuing those things makes me very happy.

I love that I am continuing to learn about myself and own who I am. I love the challenges that workouts present and I love being outside, appreciating nature. I love looking forward to our next international trip and our next local adventure. I love coming home to dogs that couldn’t be more excited to see us every day and I love trying out new recipes in the kitchen. I love that I am OK saying “no” sometimes. I love that my life feels so full.

I am happy with where I’m at and that feels fantastic! Cheers to 31 kicking even more butt than 30!

Post workout birthday brunch complete with dessert and cocktails!
Post workout birthday brunch complete with dessert and cocktails!

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