Weekly What We Eat

We made some big meals that carried us through the entirety of last week. Lunches and dinners were easy with all of the leftovers!

We made bison-stuffed roasted poblano peppers that weren’t our favorite, but we paired the recipe with this Mexican-inspired quinoa dish that we’ll make again. We rounded out the week with a delicious, but time consuming chicken enchilada skillet dish and steak with sides of parsnip fries two ways (three parsnips go a long way apparently): chipotle parsnip crisps and paprika parsnip fries with Sriracha dipping sauce. We will definitely make both parsnip recipes again – easy and what an awesome way to load up on veggies! We also made brussels sprouts chips at least four times last week. We tried some variations on this adding in parmeasan cheese once and lemon zest another time, but I think the classic recipe is our favorite. Veggies and protein on repeat!

Parsnip crisps with parsley.

In celebration of my birthday we had one of my all time favorite recipes: scallops with spice oil on a bed of cilantro and parsley. This light and tangy dish has such clean, fresh flavors! Jon also made me a funfetti angel food cake topped with fluffy pink frosting. Yum!

Amazing scallops with spice oil.
Amazing scallops with spice oil.
Funfetti angel food in the making!
Funfetti angel food in the making!

Happy eating!





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