Training and Eating on the Road

Over the President’s Day holiday weekend, we skipped town and headed to one of our favorite local areas for a weekend, Garrett County.  Although this time, instead of heading west in the summer, we were going to Wisp resort to hit the slopes. We rented a house with another couple, loaded up dogs, food and winter gear, and hit the road.

Our coaches adjusted our workouts for the weekend to fit them in alongside days on the mountain and taking a few days to prioritize quality of life of quality of training, a rarity for us. The key for me is planning the workouts ahead of time and I got almost all three workouts in – two runs and one strength session. I modified the runs a bit, but considered getting out there for close to the scheduled amount of time a win. Jon knocked his long run out VERY early Friday morning before we left town and was able to spend the weekend focused solely on skiing and enjoying time with friends.

Early morning snow run.
Early morning snow run.

For my strength workout, I took the opportunity to jump in on our friend’s P90X session. It was fun and challenging, and left my hamstrings sore for days! I don’t think it’s something I’ll incorporate regularly right now, but I love the efficiency of 30 minute workouts and how it seems to incorporate exercises from various disciplines.

The couple we spent the weekend with also loves to cook, with their slow cooker taking center stage in many of their meals. They introduced us to an awesome recipe from the Slow Cooker Bible – black bean chilaquiles. For our night we made a pulled pork in the slow cooker accompanied by a traditional cole slaw based on this recipe that we’ve made before. The pork was a delicious, easy, filling and warm meal after a day on the slopes!

Slow cooker pulled pork with slaw.
Slow cooker pulled pork with slaw.

Cooking all of our own meals when out of town keeps our diet disciplined while allowing us to enjoy some staple après-ski activities like champagne-fueled sledding or sampling our bourbon collection. We also made sure to incorporate our Garrett County tradition of stopping at Queen City Creamery on the way to and from Wisp for some of the best frozen custard ever. #worthit

Pre dinner and post breakfast custard stops. #vacation
Pre dinner and post breakfast custard stops. #vacation

Ultimately, I think like anything in life, moderation is key.  And taking a few days to recharge, while not letting your training go completely off the rails, is important to living a full and healthy life outside of endurance training.  As long as you set some expectations ahead of time and maintain at least minimal levels of discipline, you can really have a great, relaxing time without missing out on key training sessions.


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