Weekly What We Eat

Good eating around these parts. Last week we took a stab at using up things in our freezer. Cue sifting through saved recipes that incorporated ground beef and fancy pork chops left over from New Year’s eve.

We made a turkey meatloaf that knocked our socks off! So satisfying yet healthy. The best kind of dinner! We accompanied the meatloaf with a new, simple kale chip recipe after purchasing the biggest bag of kale that I have ever seen from Costco.

Kale chips, pre baking.
Kale chips, pre baking.

Later in the week, the leftover pork chops were simmered with cremini mushrooms, yellow onion and rosemary to make a simple and tasty sauce. We paired the chops with loaded cauliflower “mashed potatoes”, a recipe that used cauliflower in place of potatoes.  It was good, but didn’t warrant a place in our “recipe favorites” file.

Friday evening called for fish, a luxury we’re trying to weave into our diet more often. A luxury mostly because we want to buy it and cook it on the same day which we often don’t have time for. (Jaime is very picky when it comes to fish!) Jon made shrimp using this marinade and we accompanied the shrimp with some fried corn tortillas, sauteed peppers and onions, leftover cumin-spiced black beans and a mango-cilantro salsa. So good!

We also branched out in the breakfast department and tried some Greek yogurt, blueberry pancakes. The pancake batter is thick and hard to get into the pan, but we were happy with how these turned out. They are denser than your typical pancake, but that is probably the yogurt giving the ‘cakes a nutritional boost.

A fluffy weekday stack.
A fluffy weekday stack.

To continue using up our copious amounts of kale we made this soup in the slow cooker. Talk about healthy with kale, quinoa and chicken! #superfoods It is an awesome soup – sort of a fancy chicken noodle – and we’ll be enjoying the leftovers for awhile.

Happy eating!


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