2015 Season – Race Plans

The temperatures are rising, I’ve seen the sun and we might even enjoy an outdoor ride this weekend. Race season must be here!

Jon kicks off the year with the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in DC this Saturday and Jaime will take on her first Olympic-distance triathlon in awhile with the Monticello Man race in early May. Give us a shout if you’ll be tackling one of the below races!



Monticello Man Olympic – May 3rd
MacDonald 2 mile lake swim – May 24th
Challenge Atlantic City Half Iron – June 28th

Colonial Beach Olympic – July 12th
Peasantman Steel Half Iron – August 16th
IMMD – October 3rd


– Find a way to be injury free. That means staying focused on the strength training.

– Put together a solid half Iron-distance race. My first two attempts at the distance were rough, one on account of nutrition and the other due to an recurring injury.

– Nail IMMD (again). Conservative goal: Sub 14 hours. Reasonable goal: Sub 13:30. Stretch goal: Sub 13. **Caveat: ENJOY THE DAY. I had the best time at Maryland last year and I do NOT want to get so caught up in chasing a time on the clock that I miss the experience.



Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – March 14th

Mountains of Misery 100 – May 24th

Jamestown Olympic – June 7th

Challenge Atlantic City 140.6 – June 28th

Nation’s Triathlon Olympic – September 13th


Happy racing!


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