Weekly What We Eat

More Thug Kitchen and freezer finds were concocted in our kitchen last week!

We made Thug Kitchen’s Smoky black-eyed peas with roasted sweet potatoes and collards. Delicious! We both loves this recipe for its depth of flavor and healthiness. Yum!

Veggie goodness.
Veggie goodness.

Later in the week we made southwestern turkey burgers with grilled onions and a chipotle-poblano ketchup. The onions and the special ketchup made this meal which we paired with a heaping of baked parsnip fries. This is another keeper meal for us!

Saturday Jon raced the Rock n’ Roll half marathon [race report to come!] so Friday night consisted of a pre race meal of pasta, marinara sauce, Trader Joe’s pre-cooked turkey meatballs and garlic bread. This has been our go-to pre race meal for a couple of years now and gives us that carb boost along with some low-fat protein from the meatballs. It is also a simple meal which is key for the night before a race when rest, relaxation and final race preparations are the priority.

We ate for recovery at a pi day party Saturday night and enjoyed delicious pizza at &Pizza following our bike ride on Sunday.

Happy eating!


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