Weekly What We Eat

Life has been crazy! Last week was full of errands and workouts. We’re in the process of re-doing our backyard, gearing up for triathlon season and Jon has a long work trip in the coming weeks. We also celebrate Jon’s birthday this week!

We tried out two new recipes last week: creamy chicken with parmesan and sun-dried tomatoes and crock pot honey sesame pulled pork. The chicken was a tasty meal, but I’m not sure that my stomach loved the heavy cream involved even though it was only a small amount.

The pulled pork was super easy and we’ll be using the leftovers for at least a week. We initially served the pork over black rice, but also made some delicious burritos over the weekend. I foresee some pork nachos in our future.

Honey sesame pork over black rice.
Honey sesame pork over black rice.

We’ve been trying to cook fish at least once a week and that day usually falls on Sunday so we can get the freshest fish and cook it the same day. Last Sunday we picked up some halibut and Jon whipped up a sauce with some tangerines we had around the house. We use our Flavor Bible to improvise sometimes and it didn’t disappoint.

Get excited for some cake recipes next week! #happybirthdayhubby

Happy eating!


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