Weekly What We Eat

Sorry for the silence over the past couple of weeks. Jon has been traveling, we went to an out of town wedding and are gearing up for our first races of the season. Yikes!

Due to our packed schedules, we’ve been focusing on large meals that are easy to cook and provide leftovers. This is likely going to be a theme over the next six-ish months. (Hello, five months until Ironman Maryland!)

We bought another giant bag of kale from Costco and have been incorporating that into many of our meals.

We loved this pasta bake and this quinoa-sausage bake (similar to a casserole we made a few weeks ago).

This ginger beef, mushroom and kale stir fry will be another go-to in our house.

Casseroles and the slow cooker – the BFFs of time-crunched people every where. We used our slow cooker twice last week, remaking this soup that we love and trying out a new chili recipe with leftover pork shoulder. The chili was great, but we’d use a little less tomato sauce and add an additional can of beans.

We had some frigid spring weather around here so after a long, fun Saturday outside at a crawfish boil, we curled up to watch playoff hockey with our first attempt at homemade hot cocoa. So easy! So good! I’m almost sad that winter is behind us and I won’t be able to make this on the regular again until next year.

Happy eating!


PS – Sorry for the lack of photos. I promise to (try) and get back on my photo game next week! And let’s be honest, casseroles and slow cooker meals aren’t that pretty anyways.


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