Weekly What We Eat

We may be busy, but we’ve managed to stay organized and therefore eat well. Got to fuel this endurance training and racing! Last week included some great meals that we’ll make on the reg:

Lovelovelove this blackened chicken breast over cilantro lime quinoa with Greek yogurt avocado. So good! I want to make this again immediately. The tang from the lime, plus the creaminess of the avocado combined with a spicy chicken?! Yes, please!

We also made this turkey taco casserole. We made some minor adjustments using re-fried black beans and adding a can of kidney beans since we were a little light on the ground turkey.

Turkey taco casserole.
Turkey taco casserole topped with fresh salsa.

To use up more ground turkey (thank you, Costco) we tried out an easy Indian dish that combined ground meat, spices and peas served over rice or quinoa. It wasn’t miraculous, but due to its simplicity we’ll probably make it again.

On Friday we treated ourselves to dinner at a new local restaurant, Mason Social. Fresh, local ingredients make for tasty food and yummy cocktails. It also happens to be right across the street from our favorite suffer-fest location, SolidCore.

Of course the weekend included long rides and runs as well. We trekked out to Haymarket on Saturday to get in some miles on the bike. Happy eating!

Scenes from the bike.
Scenes from the bike.

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