Weekly What We Eat

We’re trying to get back into our Sunday fish eating habit so kicked off the week with shrimp scampi on Sunday evening. We used an old recipe of Jaime’s mom’s for a classic dish with butter, white wine and parsley.

On Monday we whipped up an old meatball favorite: Asian turkey meatballs with a sesame lime dipping sauce. We served this over quinoa to make sure we’re getting adequate protein for recovery. This is a relatively quick and super tasty meal.

Later in the week we relied on leftovers before making a delicious mushroom risotto from one of our bride and groom cookbooks. We used this as a side to steaks and chicken on alternating nights (protein!).

Delicious mushroom risotoo.
Delicious mushroom risotto.

I was home from work on Friday to get some work done on our garden and gave these flourless chocolate walnut cookies a shot. They are not sweet, but are quite tasty! I am supposed to eat more walnuts to bump up my omega 3 intake so what better way to eat more walnuts than in the form of cookies?!

We wrapped up the week with more creativity in the cocktail department. Jaime’s latest creation includes tart cherry juice concentrate, a grapefruit Nuun tablet, sparkling water and a sprig of mint and sliced strawberry for extra fanciness.

Latest healthy cocktail creation.
Latest healthy cocktail creation.


Happy eating!


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