Friday Favorites

Here are some internet gems compiled over the past few weeks when we have missed posting our faves. Happy weekend! Swim, bike, run your hearts out!


Experiences, not things. We’re trying to keep up with this one. More backpacking, more racing, more travel!

Redefine hard. I think about this often during training and racing now, and ask myself if I can give 1% more. Thanks, Coach Jen!

Recruiting new triathletes – I’ve snagged four over the last month! Welcome to the club.

The importance of breathing with your diaphragm. I had no idea.

The anti-diet. I didn’t know about IIFYM, but I like it!

Enjoying the ride.

Little running lies we all tell ourselves.

Listen to coaches, and ourselves, and eat bacon. “Being consistently “pretty awesome” beats “amazingly awesome” because amazingly awesome rarely makes it to the starting line.” “Don’t try to improve more than one or two things per season.” (I am so guilty of trying to improve everything NOW. Today. Everything.)

Ain’t this the truth? You don’t have to be excited about something in order to remain committed to it. Pretty sure we’ve all experienced this in some way.

Best snacks to buy at a gas station. We’ve all been there.


Til next week! XO


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