Weekly What We Eat

This is a haphazard selection of what we’ve been eating lately that reflects the chaotic nature of life these days (aka Jon a few weeks out from a 140.6 at Challenge Atlantic City). There have been a lot of easy meals on repeat including my sister in law’s delicious balsamic glazed pork (slow cooker!) and some pre-marinated meats from Trader Joe’s.

We also had a large BBQ to celebrate the completion of our new backyard. Our menu included the usual burgers and hot dogs along with a plethora of amazing sides from our friends. We contributed a patriotic trifle and my favorite watermelon salad. We usually use Newman’s light balsamic dressing for this salad, but any balsamic dressing would do. Later in the week the salad turned into lunches with the addition of quinoa for some protein.

Memorial day trifle.
Memorial day trifle.

Smoothies have also been a mainstay providing quick post workout breakfasts and even dinners. I’ve been trying to add flax seeds to things like smoothies as an easy way to up the omega-3s in my diet especially since we don’t eat as much fish as we would like.

We also LOVE Infinit Mud for a post early morning workout pick-me-up. You get that dose of caffeine along with a side of protein (more if you add an additional scoop of whey protein like we do!) in something that tastes like a frappuccino. Our typical recipe: 1 scoop Mud, 1 scoop whey (mocha or chocolate are the go-tos), a handful of ice cubes, 1/2 a frozen banana and some almond or regular milk.

Infinit Mud smoothie - served in a wine glass of course!
Infinit Mud smoothie – served in a wine glass of course!

I’d been craving muffins all week, but held off until I could make myself something more nutritious and less sugar-laden at home. I picked a banana muffin recipe for its inclusion of walnuts (omega-3s again! I’m so good!) and made it into a cake because it was easier than finding our muffin tin. We used normal eggs, the almond meal we had laying around the house, mixed in some flax seeds and used whole wheat flour instead of oat. This was a delicious cake that I’ve been eating almost guilt free for breakfast and dessert all week.

When we had a spare moment, we made various versions of our favorite quiche recipe so that we’d have to-go breakfasts to eat at work after morning workouts. We’ve made this recipe super easy using whatever combo of meat and veggies we have in the fridge. We usually forgo the cheese and the heavy cream (using low fat milk instead) and use a combo of eggs and egg whites. Some of our favorite combos have been brussels sprouts or asparagus and bacon, and mushrooms and sausage.

This week we received a surprise Blue Apron delivery – a surprise because we forgot to cancel it – so will have some more of their meals to review next week.

Happy eating!


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